Essential Elements Of A Successful Doctoral Dissertation In Political Science

Writing a dissertation is a critical and important task for students. This is because they have to submit this paper and get an approval by the official committee for getting their degree. When you sit down to write a dissertation, you will need to think critically and create a plan. It is not something that you can complete in a day or even in a week. You will need months and even entire semester to plan and execute the perfect thesis. The most important part about your assignment is choosing a topic and finding a niche to address. If you already know what you want to talk about in your thesis, it would be relatively easy to complete your work and find relevant data. Students who are not sure about what they want to address in their paper will never be able to start with it

To be able to write a dissertation about political science, you have to make sure that you have a good understanding of the subject and are happy to write about it. It is almost next to impossible to create your dissertation if you are not happy to do it or if you do not have a passion for what you are doing. If this is your first time writing such a project and you need help, then you should keep the following sections in your mind

  1. Introduction
  2. The introduction is the first paragraph in your paper where you present the topic and subject to your audience. This is the first impression of your paper so you should make sure that you create a good one. Try to explain the scope of your work to the audience in an engaging manner so that they want to know more

  3. Literature review
  4. The literature review is an analysis of what has already been published in the subject and what a potential gap in this area is. You should identify the gap and show how you will address it in your paper. Be objective while creating the literature review

  5. Theory
  6. This is the most important section of your paper where you present the actual argument, hypothesis, and theory to your audience in clear words.

    Other important sections in your paper include:

  7. Operationalization
  8. Empirical evaluation
  9. Additional empirical consideration
  10. Implication
  11. Summary and conclusion
  12. Appendix