Top 27 Business Management Undergraduate Dissertation Topics

Writing a paper about business management is fun. You need to have an interest in the subject and some insight about choosing the right topic and that is all you need to get started with a sound assignment. If you are not sure about how to create a winning topic for your undergraduate dissertation then you should go to this service for further assistance

Here are some topics to consider on business management for your project in undergraduate level

  1. What is an intervening process model and how do global businesses work with that
  2. What is the impact of corporate governance on globalization, performance of firms and internationalization
  3. What is trans-cultural restriction and how do companies create resonance through ad campaigns
  4. Is international business industry separate from global politics
  5. Are business owners biased through culture, religion, race and nationalism
  6. How does globalization effect the local industry
  7. How does private sector benefit from the global trends and create fruitful relationships
  8. What is a win-win situation after introduction of solar power for electricity providers and state
  9. Discuss the role of resource management in emerging economies
  10. How do nonprofit organizations grow to international scale
  11. The role of a HRM in liaison relationship building
  12. The advantages of introducing car assembling in developing economies
  13. The drawbacks of outsourcing to developing economies
  14. The division of labor in third world countries
  15. What keeps a work force motivated and loyal
  16. What is a contingency theory framework
  17. What is globalization and how does it impact local and multinational businesses
  18. The risks and benefits involved in JIT
  19. Expansion in global market
  20. Expansion in virtual industry what does it mean
  21. Indicators for growth and maturity
  22. Comparative study of mergers and acquisitions within the food industry
  23. What is a vendor management strategy for the success of an organization
  24. The barriers to entry in technology industry in the US
  25. Competitive advantage for solar energy companies in Pakistan
  26. Asian trade and tourism industry
  27. State funding for small businesses

These are some important things to remember about writing a winning topic for your project in business management. You have to understand that these are raw ideas and you would need to edit and alter them to suit your needs and be original