Up-To-Date Dissertation Topics In Business: 22 Expert Ideas

The business students negotiating doctoral studies have to complete dissertations. They have a natural advantage though; they are experts in management and planning; two essential elements for completion of the paper.

Intelligent choice of topic

For starters, you need to choose a topic that you are comfortable with and which allows extensive experimental leverage. The topic should lead to pertinent and tertiary points and should have the gumption to ensure a comprehensive coverage.

You should be aware of the dynamics and continual changes in the business sector. You should also assess the human element vis-à-vis virtual interventions with a view to grow businesses. The customer, after all, is a human and may be vulnerable to convictions.

An unbiased outlook

You need to proceed with a clear and unbiased mind. You need to factor all things imperative and also a few related events. Acuity is the buzzword. Meanwhile, here are 22 strategic business dissertation topics for your reference –

  1. The reason behind Enron’s fall; how enterprises should learn from the catastrophe
  2. The long-term implications of 2008 recession and how it has blighted certain sectors for good
  3. The ugly face of customer care when it comes to after-sales services
  4. The trends of community market; how success of one shop ultimately influences the other
  5. The standpoint of visibility; how franchises use malls to remain in sight
  6. The manner in which business is delving deeply into social media and e-commerce
  7. Has the consumer expectation become untenable?
  8. The uncouth face of brand equity; how it tends to paint a wrong picture
  9. Are results of beauty pageants a mirror on the potential entry into country’s cosmetic markets?
  10. Does the stick and carrot policy still hold relevance when it comes to large scale enterprises?
  11. Does virtual connection between customers and sellers cut the same cord as physical connection?
  12. Risk aversion in speculative markets; a comprehensive study
  13. Would the trade world have been different if there were no Middle East crisis?
  14. Does infusing confidence among all-level employee actually boost productivity on a substantial scale?
  15. The eminent future of small-scale banks and mortgage agents
  16. The able mix of tradition and modernity in business
  17. The difference that multicultural workforce has brought to the business circuit
  18. The personal touch element that is often the difference between success and failure in business
  19. The floating nature and volatility of oil rates
  20. The policy differences that Republican and Democratic Presidents bring to the globe
  21. The position and affluence of FMCG in USA
  22. Driving the wedge between business-strategic decisions and corporate responsibility