Top 12 Outstanding Dissertation Topics On Jane Austen

Jane Austen is an exceptional writer with most of her works being featured in plays and movies. Reading her various works shows the writer’s exposure and observation in certain fields of life. You can find the engaging tone and the hook that can mesmerize the audience and usually turn them into loyal readers. If you are to write a dissertation on this author, then you definitely have a good subject area.

Choosing the title of your paper is going to be a tough call. You need to make sure that you are selecting a potential subject niche so that you can develop the interest of your audience. Often students who pick obsolete ideas and redundant subject areas do not get an approval by the official committee members or score low in the project. You should be able to pick a unique topic for your paper so that you can impress the audience and even have interest doing it. When you are finding out a new aspect or highlighting something important, then you feel a sense of motivation for the acknowledgement you will receive

Topics worth considering for a dissertation on Jane Austen

To help you get a strong topic for your paper here are a few ideas to consider for a dissertation about Jane Austen. Remember to rewrite the title in your own words or alter it so that you do not have the chance of plagiarism. Brainstorming may also trigger fresh ideas for your paper that you can get by reading below

  1. What parts of the work by the author shows the plight of women
  2. How are gender roles impacting the lives of women in several parts of the world/ How does social class impact the lives of women
  3. How are marriages today different from those in 19th century
  4. What is the economics of marriage
  5. How does gender biasness prevail
  6. How does the author use first impressions in the book
  7. What are the consequences Elizabeth faces due to her mistakes in the past
  8. What is the character of Mr. Bennet
  9. How does the author use dialogue in her books
  10. What is the most influential work by Jane and why
  11. Explain how some roles in the books are never justified
  12. Discuss the works of Jane Austen and compare them with other authors in her era