Ideas For Students: History Dissertation Questions

The dissertation is a major paper required by students during the school years, often requiring an entire term or semester to complete. They are usually large projects, requiring extensive research or experimentation depending on the subject and many students have trouble completing them the first time around. Research is easy when you ask the right question and in the following points, I will attempt to outline some of them:

  1. Who is the significant figure in the story?
  2. Outlining this aspect of the paper would surely add a large amount of content to the actual work you are doing as a student. It also helps to create new and alternative methods that can describe the situation presented in your composition.

  3. What did they do?
  4. This might seem as a shallow or small aspect to focus on when creating an article for school but if a student fully explores the depth of the angle that this question attacks, they could acquire a large amount of data to arrange into their work. The documentation of any actions described or actually taken can increase the relevance of any work you complete.

  5. Why did they do what they did?
  6. Discussing the reasons why certain actions were taken can result in a vast amounts of information that can be adapted to fit into a paper designed to report the events and happenings of an experiment. Quotes and examples given by the team that conducted the activity should be stated here.

  7. How much did it cost them and the country, state, or group involved?
  8. Finance is a real factor that plagues the world and this aspect of society can seriously handicap the pursuit of scientific research and other exploits that the science may have encouraged. Schools assignments are no exception so be sure to work out the monetary aspects of your project.

  9. Was this act beneficial to society in the short or long term?
  10. Here describes the actual reason and relevance to the general public the experiment or research will offer. Consider that there are many attempts to move into outer space and explore the deep sea and how much money is offered to the cause.

  11. Could the same outcome have been achieved via different methods?
  12. Expand on the similar techniques that could have been used instead of the actual method the scientist decided upon. Refer to the conclusion or the analysis of the minutes of the post activity meeting to get this information.