Crafting A Dissertation Proposal On Art History – Helpful Advice

A dissertation proposal is a document that describes the contents of your paper. You should submit it to your instructor and committee to make them understand what to expect from your project. If you need to write a paper on art history and have never created proposals before, you should know what to include in your proposal. Here are the guidelines that you should follow:

  1. A title of your paper.
  2. Of course, you cannot give a final title at this stage of the work. Just think about something short and to the point.

  3. Overall objectives.
  4. List the main objectives of your work. If there are more than three objectives, you should narrow the area of your research.

  5. Literature.
  6. In this section, you should write about the sources that will serve as a theoretical fundament for your dissertation.

  7. Research details.
  8. Here, you may give more information about your area of research and describe each objective in detail.

  9. Methodology.
  10. Describe the methods that you’re going to use in your research to achieve your goals. Indicate whether your work will be empirical or non-empirical.

  11. Potential results.
  12. Summarize the type of outcomes that you expect to generate from your investigation. You shouldn’t know the exact results of your work. In this case, your research will be pointless.

  13. Timeline.
  14. Include a realistic amount of time that it’ll take you to complete your project. You may create some chart or concept map to illustrate the interaction between the time and your actions.

Consult your instructor to know what number of words your proposal should consist of. Usually, students write either 500-word or 1000-word proposals.

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