A List Of Fresh Dissertation Ideas On Human Resources Management

The field of human resources is thriving and expanding, making it an appealing area for focus when writing your dissertation. That also means there is a lot of competition out there, with more people looking for that perfect topic for their doctoral dissertation.

The extended paper required in a doctoral program is expected to make a new contribution to the field. Your topic, and your subsequent analysis of the topic, should open new territory in the effective managing of organizational personnel. Toward that goal, here’s some potential topics to help get you started on the road to finding your perfect research subject:

  • Diverse theories of human resource management and their implementation in a real-world organization
  • Analysis of a human resource department’s capacity to foster organizational change
  • Human resources perspective on concerns and issues in outsourcing to overseas operations
  • Analysis of the role of human resources departments in collaborating with organizational management
  • An analysis of the impact of employee training and development in increasing an organization’s resilience against economic crises
  • Examining trends in organizational profits in conjunction with employee training and development programs
  • Analysis of human resources budgetary considerations when accommodating the need for employee training
  • Exploring the relative value of soft skills versus hard skills in determining personnel qualifications for available job positions
  • Examining effective methodologies for systematically improving ineffective employee selection processes
  • Effective use of human resources management to facilitate the smooth progression of organizational change
  • Analysis of current trends and developments in management of human resources
  • Analysis of the impact of an effective human resources department in creating measurable value for companies and organizations
  • Analysis of employee performance under an effectively managed human resources department
  • Examining effective use of subjective data versus objective data in employee evaluation and assessment
  • Analysis of the application of “fairness” concepts in assignment of employee wages, hours and other employment considerations
  • Examining the implications of human resource management strategies in facilitating improved employee motivation
  • Examining effectiveness of use of a reward and motivation system among employees
  • Examining the legal and ethical implications of maintaining workplace diversity
  • Examining methodologies for controlling personal subjective biases among human resources personnel who interview and hire job candidates.

It is the human resources professionals who are charged with managing the personnel that an organization employees. HR departments are responsible for ensuring compliance with all employment and labor laws that apply. The HR department evaluates applicants for available job positions and assesses the performance of employed staff.