A Quick Guide To Effective Undergraduate Dissertation Writing

The last major piece of writing that most undergraduate students must complete is known as a dissertation. Many attempt it but few succeed on their first try. With this in mind, here is a basic guide to the completion of that project.

  • Know the style you are expected to use
  • Are you being asked to complete your work according to the American Psychology Association’s guides? Does it seem like the Modern Language Association is what is expected of you? Make sure you know which one you are supposed to use or you could end up formatting your research improperly and wasting precious time.

  • Find examples that use that style exceptionally
  • Once you know the style it helps to find sample dissertations that are very well done. You can ask friends for their own papers or check the web. Either way could work.

  • Adopt the best elements of those examples
  • Having found good samples to use, you can begin to take notes on what makes those samples shine. When you have a clear idea, you should begin finding ways to incorporate the best elements into the way you write. You may be able to get good results too by using this method.

  • Pick great topics
  • Good dissertations are rarely derived from mediocre topics. Think about this as you decide what you want to write on. Would you like a topic that turns heads or one that makes people comfortable? If you are too controversial, are you prepared to face the fallout from that? All these things need to be considered.

  • Get a second opinion
  • You may start thinking that your work is exceptional because of personal pride. Always ask for a second opinion so that you know that you are not simple making yourself feel good.

  • Use a template
  • This is a good way to stay ahead of the time if you are getting close to your deadline too soon. Templates show you how to format your work so that it follows all of the rules but it does this without taking up time. You merely have to fill in the labeled blanks and everything else is automated.

  • Get a professional editor
  • There are so many ways to get downgraded when you hand in a dissertation or any paper for that matter. By hiring someone to do your editing and proofreading, you have more time for everything else.