22 Compelling Dissertation Topics Related To Nutrition

One of the most important steps in composing a dissertation is selecting the right topic. If you choose a topic that is too general, your research won’t have a big impact on your field. If you pick a topic that you aren’t interested in, it’ll be very boring for you to work on your project. If you cannot generate a good idea for your paper about nutrition, a list of decent sample topics might help you.

Good Dissertation Topics about Nutrition

  1. Food legislation and the interests of large corporations.
  2. The analysis of emergency food programs competency levels.
  3. The quality of nutrition in homes for the elderly.
  4. The most important factor in choosing healthy food.
  5. The impact of commercial selling of soy phytoestrogen supplements.
  6. The effect of recent advances in nutrigenomics on the public health policy.
  7. The possibility of creating an integrated global policy on food and nutrition.
  8. The impact of consumer understanding of sustainability on food choices.
  9. The importance of reading food labeling information.
  10. The consumption of Selenium for reducing the risk of prostate cancer.
  11. The difference in risk of obesity in different socio-economic groups.
  12. The influence of inflation on nutrition in developing countries.
  13. The increase of biodiversity in food due to educational interventions.
  14. The analysis of the quality of products in elite restaurants.
  15. The reduction of risk of cancer by eating garlic.
  16. The best way to tackle the growing issue of obesity.
  17. The difference in the concept of healthy food depending on a country.
  18. The best way to create a sustainable food supply worldwide.
  19. A new method of personalizing nutrition using nutrigenomics.
  20. Making experiments on animals to solve the problem of over-eating in humans.
  21. The impact of food policies in schools on children nutrition.
  22. The effectiveness of zinc supplements in improving health.

Writing Your Dissertation

Once your research area has been chosen, you should start conducting your study. Some topics will require you only to analyze particular literature. However, the majority of topics related to nutrition will require you to carry out your own experiments to obtain desired results.

Make an outline for your paper and bring it to your professor. They’ll examine it and indicate what should be changed. Repeat this procedure until your professor is satisfied with your outline and start writing.

Revise your draft several times before you decide to submit your paper. Make sure to format your document in accordance with the requirements of your university.