15 Good Psychology Dissertation Ideas For Middle School Students

Are you a teacher that is struggling to come up with some good dissertation ideas for your middle school students? You wouldn’t be the first to be fed up with teaching the same, worn ideas term in and term out. At middle school, students are only just being introduced to the concepts of psychology and it is important to find ideas and topics that will not only help them learn but will also pique their imagination and make them want to find out more. Thankfully, you can get back to what you do best – teaching – as I have come up with a list of 15 good psychology dissertation ideas especially aimed at middles school students:

  • Discipline – Middle school kids are at that age where they are starting to understand that there are rules in life that they must follow. Whether that be at home or at school and that to break the rules will result in consequences. However, who really benefits from discipline?
  • Anxiety – Let’s face it, we all know that life is stressful! This is a great time to begin talking about anxiety and also introducing strategies to help them cope without having to rely on meds.
  • If humans are right or left handed – does the same apply to domestic animals? – Is there really a middle school kid in the world that wouldn’t be fascinated by that one?
  • The reciprocal benefits of being nice to each other - A great way of introducing the “Be nice to your neighbour” philosophy to kids
  • If an adult misbehaves do they deserve a time out too? – Taking a look at the double standards that are often applied
  • Anti-social behaviour – What is it? What are the consequences of it?
  • The psychology behind magic tricks – How our brains trick us into believing them
  • Circus clowns – How someone with a happy face/sad face is often the total opposite
  • Stranger danger – how actions and words can differ vastly from intentions
  • Junk food – How food that “tastes” good isn’t always good for us. How our bodies deceive us.
  • How to help your parents quit smoking – How kids can influence parental behaviour
  • Grief – The psychological impact of grief in an age appropriate way
  • How do colours determine how someone is feeling?
  • The placebo effect – Is it even ethical?
  • Cheating as an inherent part of our evolution
  • Why do some people have symmetrical faces when others don’t? Does this impact upon our attractiveness?