Best Ways To Compose A Dissertation Acknowledgments Part

Just when you think you are done with writing your dissertation, you will soon realize that all is not over yet. Yes, you have gone past the laborious research process and time spent on composing the paper to the best of your abilities, but there is another section that you might not have given too much thought to - the acknowledgements section that is usually placed at the end of your paper.

  • How to structure this section
    • The usual system is to dedicate a single page or a maximum of two to the people and organizations you would like to acknowledge and thank - who have helped you along the way to complete your research.
    • While you can most certainly do this in a list form, using bullet forms - it might be a good idea to structure this section a little differently so that it doesn’t come across as your index or the bibliography.
    • Ideally, you should structure it in a way as you would do any other piece of writing or an essay. Break it into several paragraphs and ultimately do it in a way that seems most natural to you.
  • What should the voice and style of this section be?
    • While you might get carried away with the formal and academic tone of the rest of your dissertation, it might be a good idea to keep this acknowledgements section a little more personal sounding. Remember, that you will not be graded on this section (however, you should still present this as a serious part of your paper).
    • Avoid making the voice of this section too friendly and personal, since it is not a dedication but instead still a serious part of an academic research paper. So the key here is to try and achieve a balance between sounding too formal and too casual at the same time.
  • Who should you acknowledge?
    • The choice is yours as to how many and who all you wish to acknowledge and thank for their contribution to your own research process.
    • It is advisable to not include personal references such as your family and friends, unless they have provided key technical support to the making of your dissertation.
    • Ideally you should acknowledge the institution you are associated with, your mentors and colleagues and any other people or organizations that have been supporting and helpful in your writing and research process.

This might be an inconsequential section of your final paper, but is a great way to display the gratitude you feel towards those who have been helpful towards you.