5 Basic Elements Of A Proper Dissertation Literature Review

The literature review is a writing based on a specific topic. Its main aim is to talk more about the mentioned topic for the readers to understand and carry out the required actions. The following are its most important basic elements.

  1. A captivating concept
  2. A good introduction
  3. A good body with an easy flow
  4. Should be easy to understand
  5. Conclusion
  • A captivating concept
  • Any paper that you need to write should have a good concept. This will enable the reader know before going through the whole paper what they should expect while reading the paper. It also enables one not to be judgmental, but be objective in their analysis of your work. The concept will enable the reader have a good idea of what you are discussing. I’ve found this site that has a lot of useful information on how to do this.

  • A good introduction
  • Any literature to be written should have a good introduction. This will make the readers want to know more about the entire paper. A good introduction will give the reader the desire of wanting to know more while a poor one will just make the reader set aside the paper for some other time.

  • A good body with an easy flow
  • Ensure that all paragraphs and phrases form a good length that is long enough for the reader or any other person to identify it as a good paper. It should not be too short nor too long. Despite the length it should possess a great flow where one point to leads to the other.

  • Should be easy to understand
  • Ensure that the language you use can be easily understood by the reader. It should not be too complicated that it will force the reader to refer to dictionaries or encyclopedia for this will only but see you lose marks.

  • Conclusion
  • Anything with a beginning should have an ending. Ensure that during the conclusion you summarize everything such that if the reader decides to go through the conclusion first, they would be tempted to start reading from beginning to know more about the paper and it will be a plus if they find the introduction part more captivating. If you can put the above points into action when writing your dissertation then it can be among the best ones since it will be rated highly.