A Selection Of Up-To-Date Dissertation Topics In Social Work

Completing a dissertation in social work may be a requirement of your degree program. Many policy makers, analysts, educators, researchers of social issues, and administrators faced such an assignment. If you have a good topic idea in mind, you’ll have a great time doing research and writing your paper. Otherwise, you may be stuck and disappoint your professor. So, study the following guidelines to select the right topic and check the new sample ideas below.

Choosing a Good Dissertation Topic Easily

  • Keep the instructions given by your professor.
  • You need to read your assignment carefully and understand all the requirements concerning choosing a topic idea. For instance, your academic advisor may ask you to study a problem relevant to your local community or address a particular time period.

  • Consider your personal interest.
  • Writing about something that you’re interested in helps you stay motivated and make your text more reader-friendly.

  • Pick a topic relevant to your field of study.
  • It’s recommended to focus your dissertation on a topic prominent for the researchers and specialists in the field of social work, so look into professional publications to figure out what is urgent and important at the moment.

  • Bring an educational value.
  • You need to remember that one of the purposes of this assignment is to learn something new about the subject, study effective research methods, and help the readers look at the subject from a different perspective.

New Topic Ideas for a Social Work Dissertation

  1. Healthcare experiences of people diagnosed with Down’s syndrome.
  2. The role of community activism in the lives of African Americans.
  3. Employment opportunities for refugees from conflict zones.
  4. Domestic violence: the causes, effects, and prevention policies.
  5. Living with a sexual addiction: the way out of the trap.
  6. Surviving unfair imprisonment and reintegrating into society.
  7. Social services necessary for immigrants from developing countries.
  8. Helping women develop leadership in local communities.
  9. Supportive funding programs for students from low-income families.
  10. Health care for elderly people in European countries: the best practices.
  11. Communication issues that HIV-positive people face in everyday life: main causes and possible solutions.
  12. Client-oriented professions: how far should they take client satisfaction?
  13. Working with teenagers who survived domestic violence: helpful methods and strategies.
  14. The role of a social worker: the legal vs. personal positions in the end of life decisions.
  15. Personal safety issues for social workers: why do they often become victims of aggression?

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