15 Interesting PhD Dissertation Ideas Related To Entrepreneurship

It is possible for you to get a lot of marks in your dissertation on entrepreneurship only if you choose the right topic. Selection of dissertation topics is always a challenge for so many students, so let’s try and show you a number of simple topic areas that you can work with right here. Pay more attention to how easy it is to structure some of these topics, and ensure that you are able to focus on them, and learn how to do this on your own, at least for future reference.

  1. Highlight some of the main traits of an entrepreneur
  2. Discuss how entrepreneurs present new solutions for pertinent issues
  3. Discuss some of the important functions of entrepreneurs in the society
  4. Following the footsteps of Bill Gates as a visionary entrepreneur, discuss how the 21st century has changed the dimension of entrepreneurship
  5. Discuss the concept of accidental entrepreneurs
  6. Entrepreneurial profiling has always been considered a science in as far as law enforcement is concerned. Discuss with relevant examples
  7. Discuss what sets apart entrepreneurs from the rest of the population around them
  8. Discuss the 5 types of entrepreneurs
  9. Are all individuals born with entrepreneurial traits, or can these traits be learned along the way?
  10. Donald Trump is one of the world’s most popular entrepreneurs. However, he is also popular for his attitude and a host of other elements that leave not so much to the admiration of the masses. Discuss how entrepreneurial success can lead an individual to lose shreds of their humanity
  11. Discuss some of the challenges that entrepreneurs face when starting their businesses. At the same time, provide some solutions to these challenges, and highlight how advancement in technology has made it easier for them to overcome these challenges.
  12. In most cases, the mention of entrepreneurship often elicits thoughts of business ideas, starting up businesses and offering products that are revolutionary. Discuss how entrepreneurs have come up in other areas that have nothing to do with business, and have gone on to impact the world greatly
  13. Entrepreneurs are often associated with risks. Risk takers have a particular insight on issues that normal people do not. Discuss the concept of risks and its association with entrepreneurship
  14. Explain how governments have helped foster entrepreneurial activities over the years
  15. Discuss some legislative reforms that can significantly help make entrepreneurship easier.