A List Of Great Dissertation Topics On Youth Unemployment

Considered as a very hot issue to debate these days is youth unemployment- where people finish their degrees and then just end up not having the kind of job they deserve due to tough competition in the market. The blame if not solely about financial aspect since there are specific other things which largely contribute to this issue as much as the job market and finances does.

Having youth unemployment as a topic when you are to write a dissertation, the task that you need to deal with is not easy but daunting. The reason behind this is because it absolutely comes with a broad scope and is actually of great significance only if you could address the issue precisely and be able to provide brilliant solution to this prevalent issue which not only underdeveloped and developing nations suffer from but even the prominent countries as well.

More than that, it is good news to know that it is possible to unveil tons of information on unemployment and the manner it is affecting other institutes in the community such as crime and jurisdiction, health, marriage and education. Be that as it may, it is up to the writer to figure out which of this information relates most to his or her dissertation and is well-founded enough to be a component of a discerning academic homework.

Here is a list of great dissertation topics on youth unemployment:

  • The health consequences of youth unemployment from a gender viewpoint
  • Research on youth unemployment, attitudes toward work and quality of life
  • The physiological and psychological effects of unemployment in early age
  • The effects of immigration on youth unemployment
  • What are the indirect impacts of low earnings and youth unemployment
  • Why youth unemployment is regarded as a big issue in world economy?
  • Discuss the possible solutions to youth unemployment
  • What actions do big firms and employers take about youth joblessness?
  • How to remove barriers to job creations?
  • The root cause of youth unemployment

Please be guided that when writing about this topic, you can depend on government statistics for unemployment in particular states if you obtain it from a credible source or consider gathering first-hand data through conducting interviews, surveys, designing questionnaires or go out in the field to get the latest and freshest data. In point of fact, both first and second hand data may be of great help hinging upon the sources you have utilized as well as the requirements from your professor.