How To Format A Law Dissertation Appendix Properly

Including an appendix in your law dissertation should not be by choice. You should consider whether your teacher wants you to write an appendix for your assignment on not. It is important to follow the instructions from your teacher in order to create a winning assignment and perform well. If your teacher did not specify you to include an appendix then there is no reason to create further complications for yourself. A thesis is already a challenging assignment so you should try to make it simpler and easier for yourself

  • Methodology and appendix
  • Most of the times, it depends upon the methodology you use for your paper whether you will include an appendix or not. If you are writing your project based on black letter law then you do not need an appendix because you will already include the sources in your bibliography. If you used a different approach more likely a sociolegal, then you will need to include your questionnaires, observations, interviews, and methods you used to gather information in your paper. Before you include an appendix in your paper, you should know why it is necessary and what the purpose of this section is

  • Avoid substantive materials
  • Generally, if it is utterly important to include an appendix in your paper, then you should avoid adding any substantive materials. This means complete questionnaires, data sheets and other irrelevant materials for the paper. You should only include what is necessary for you reader to know in order to understand your paper

  • The format of your appendix
  • The format of your appendix depends upon the style guide you are using for your paper. If you were writing a paper in the APA style then you would have to follow those rules for the formatting of your appendix as well. If you are using any other manual then you should consider following that for your appendix as well. The appendix should be optional and it must not affect the overall theme or focus of your paper. It includes some preliminary reading for your audience but this data should not matter even if it is not a part of the paper. Do not include any such information in the appendix section, which is must for your readers to grab the sense of your paper

If you still any guidance in writing the appendix, then you should get help from the web or your teacher