A List Of Unique Dissertation Topics In Cognitive Psychology

Psychology is one of the most interesting courses for a student. It does not matter if you like the professor or not, for sure you will be fascinated by the new information that you get. It is spectacular to know how other people react to different situations and what to expect from them. Of course, this does not mean that you should write your dissertation in superficial way. You will have to put a lot of work into this if you want to get high marks. Take a look at these ideas before you choose a topic:

  • How and why do we feel pain? This is one of the topics that will impress everyone. You will be free to explain how different people feel pain, and why some people are more resistant than others. For more similar topics you can visit this service and choose an awesome idea.
  • Why do we forget things? For sure it happened to you more than once to forget something. But how did this happen? How can we improve our memory and avoid problems? Many students would be grateful to find out the answer to these questions, and you can discuss about this in your dissertation.
  • Children who learn more than two languages are smarter. There are many interesting studies on this theme and you can easily access them on the internet. For this reason, more and more parents decide to teach their child a different language when the kid is only a few years old.
  • Can we feel when someone is lying to us? We don’t communicate only by words, but also by body language. However, sometimes the signals that we receive are so discreet that we don’t actually recognize them. Scientists say that our brain knows when someone is lying, but we don’t pay enough attention to listen to it.
  • Emotional intelligence. This is not a new concept, but only recently people started to pay attention to this. There are many teenagers that have low grades in school, but they are surrounded by friends and they communicate at a very intimate level with others.
  • Is the personality of children influenced by the personality of the parents? We can see children who act exactly like their parents, and children who are the complete opposite of their family. Explain this idea and bring some evidence.