Using The Data Analysis Method When Writing A PhD Dissertation

Many disciplines – such psychology and sociology – require the use of some type of data analysis when conducting research for and writing a PhD dissertation. By the time of your graduate project you should have ample experience working in different data analyses methods, but using this short review can certainly go a long way in help you choose the correct one and getting the work done correctly the first time around. Here’s all you need to know:

The Basic Analysis Methods

  • The Statistical Test Method
  • This is method used when you have collected data which can be directly analyzed through a series or a choice of various tests. For instance, if you gathered data by means of observing subjects then you would choose to run a correlation statistical method to make sense of the information.

  • The Descriptive Method
  • This is method that should be used when the information you have collected needs to be organized in described by known classifications or categories. For instance, in a male or female survey you can describe the information by using gender categories in diagrams or tables.

  • The Moving Average Method
  • In this method you take out only the average of the entire collected data in order to help smooth out fluctuations that might happen across the collected and distorted because of the spikes that occur over short terms or in anomalies. This can be used most effectively when data is collected over long periods of time.

Other Possible Techniques

  • The Mechanical Technique
  • This technique is used when a research needs to scan through a large amount of collected information that has already been stored in databases and other mechanical devices. This technique is considered to provide the most accurate information because it sorts through data that has already been categorized through previous research.

  • Case Studies and Interviews
  • A lot of disciplines incorporate information collection through case studies and personal interviews. With this technique the research must interpret what the information means and provide a detailed explanation of how those interpretations came about using scientific reasoning.

  • The Data Presentation Technique
  • Finally, in this last technique all data that is numerical or value based is presented in matrix or some graphical form that that it will be easy to analyze the data both during this dissertation research project and through future projects where the information can be re-applied in another study.