Writing A Dissertation On Ethics: 10 Things To Remember

Ethics, we all have them, or so most of us would like to believe. The truth is, most people function by their own set of rules that are gathered and evolved through their lives based on their personal experiences, so a study on this topic is sure to wield varied results. Aside from the variety of opinions on this matter, it is possible to offend someone while interviewing them with certain questions, so measures are to be taken against this outcome as well. Here are ten points to remember when writing a dissertation on ethics for you consideration:

  1. Interview a wide variety of people
  2. This topic has many different opinions on it and so gathering data from a wide variety of sources can prove enlightening.

  3. Do not misquote anyone
  4. This is a highly philosophical area of study, a misquoted word or phrase can greatly affect the overall meaning of any statement you may wish to discuss.

  5. Be respectful of every belief
  6. People hold their beliefs very close to their heart and many live their lives according to their beliefs. Be careful not to offend anyone during your investigation by ridiculing or challenging their opinions.

  7. Try to understand for the persons point of view
  8. While it may be difficult, try to see things the way people of each group may view them.

  9. Consider your own thoughts on the matter and include it
  10. You are a person and so you share your own system of belief, this makes your understanding of ethical principles equally valid.

  11. Distinguish opinion from fact
  12. Many groups claim their beliefs to be fact, be conscious of the scientific definition of fact when stating your claims.

  13. Show both sides of every story where available
  14. Conflicts on ethical views are common so providing information and conducting investigations into every detail of a topic is important.

  15. Identify religious ethical beliefs from the rest of society
  16. Their are two main systems of belief that govern our society, religious beliefs and the laws of the states.

  17. What do you consider ethical
  18. Many people have different views on what the concept of ethics really represents, try to shed light on this from your point of view.

  19. Propose the group with possibly the best set of ethics in your opinion.
  20. Though you are not trying to make a statement of fact, as is the nature of this topic, you can conclude, with supporting evidence, which group you consider to be the closest to a thorough understanding of moral concepts.