Ways To Find A Dissertation Proposal Sample On Marketing

The early stages of writing a dissertation can be an impossibly daunting task. The requirements are overwhelming, the research is painstakingly long to finish, and the overall investment of time could make a grown person cry. One of the easiest ways to avoid some of the anxiety and pressure is to find a few examples in your selected field. Here are a few different ways to find an example.

  • A simple internet search: When you are first starting out, a simple internet search will help ease some of your concerns. It can also help to find step by step processes for writing the paper. You can also find other ideas on where to find an example if your search does not produce a suitable example for you.
  • Talk to your college librarians or your academic adviser: Each university that assigns dissertations will keep a select few each year to show off as examples for the next group of writers. Some keep them in the library of the college, while others may keep them in specific professors’ offices. Take ten minutes, swing by, and visit these people and see if they can find you an example.
  • Freelance Websites: While it is academically unethical to have someone write your dissertation for you, it is perfectly fine to seek out examples from these sites. Start with freelance sites that are geared specifically to academic writing and they may just have free samples!
  • Tutoring Centers and Online Tutors: Someone in the tutoring center or working for an online tutoring service will have written something similar to a dissertation itself. Along with examples, they may have good information on how to go about writing the paper, and they will certainly be willing to help edit your finished product.
  • Recent Graduate: Did you befriend someone in the doctoral class before you? Or perhaps you just knew someone in the classes ahead of you. Either way, ask them what their process was and if you could read their project some time to get a feel for what is expected.

Along with these examples, you could always stumble across websites and blogs with writers that have experience writing the culmination paper as well. Just make sure that you are doing your homework on any of these sources to ensure reliability and make sure you are looking at examples that have succeeded. More than likely, people will be happy to help aid you as you embark on the creation of your 200+ page paper.