25 Winning Dissertation Writing Ideas On Classical Music

You can write a dissertation on nearly every topic under the sun. One of the papers that you can find enjoyable to write are those on classical music as they have a wide range of interesting topics that you can choose from. You can write research papers on instrument music, vocal music or even some theory topics.

Here are some great ideas that you can choose for writing some winning dissertations.

  1. How music has changed in the 21st century
  2. The most influential musicians of the 20th century
  3. What makes certain music to be classified as classical?
  4. The effect of music on dances
  5. Some of the most lucrative careers that musicians can engage in
  6. The effect of music on physical health
  7. The effect of music in mental health
  8. How to market music to different age groups
  9. Do albums have a future?
  10. How the categorization of music has affected sales
  11. Which music has a bigger effect; classical or the rock and roll?
  12. What are the differences between poetry and music?
  13. The effect of music on memorization and learning
  14. The effect of music on the development of a child
  15. How music is used in times of war
  16. The evolution of rap music
  17. The greatest musicians of all times
  18. The role of music in politics
  19. Does rap music have a future?
  20. How the internet has affected the distribution and sale of music
  21. The impact of piracy on music
  22. The future of CDs and DVDs
  23. The impact of music on our emotional health
  24. The role of music in religious ceremonies
  25. Can music be used to treat different conditions?

The most important thing when choosing a music topic is to understand that these can be general. You can choose to focus on artists, genres or movements. The above are some general topics and it may be advisable to focus on narrowing down your topic. After choosing your dissertation topic, you will need to ensure that you can create an argument out of the topic. To ensure that the topic becomes more interesting for the readers, you should ensure that you argue a side that no one would have imagined.

Your choice of a topic must be one that interests you but also appropriate for a dissertation. For instance, if your love is in gospel music, you can choose to focus on this type of music.