12 Up-To-Date Topic Suggestions For A Dissertation In Economics

One of the most challenging things about writing a dissertation in economics is finding a good topic. There are thousands of ideas around which appear easy to write on. However, they will not make your work captivating to read. A topic gives an impression of what to expect from a paper. As such, ensure that your choice of topic meets the following conditions.

  • Strong- a strong topic is easy to support and deals with issues that are relevant to economics. Considering that you are writing a dissertation, the topic must reflect the level of study. It must appeal to experienced scholars and amateurs alike based on the issues covered.
  • Relevant- this is a topic on issues that resonate with the current society and are oriented to economics. Relevance also means identifying the specific areas in economics to study. Be specific to a duration, economic sector, population, nation, etc.
  • Interesting- no one wants to waste time studying boring subjects in economics. Choose a topic that is captivating to read. Identify words that will arouse curiosity in the minds of the reader. Interesting topics border current issues and items that on the lips of the wider population.
  • Fresh- avoid recycling of ideas. This means subjects that have been studied over and over. There is rarely anything new to say about such subjects. As such, this makes your arguments stale.

Here are some of the fresh ideas for a dissertation in economics.

  1. Preference of EOQ over Just In Time Inventories by small businesses
  2. What makes GDP a faulty gauge for economic growth
  3. What impact has the internet had on the economy?
  4. How does the reporting of major stock markets affect the daily economic activities in different regions
  5. Are there benefits accrued from illegal migration?
  6. What are the competitive advantages enjoyed through Yield Management System
  7. Are businesses spending less by turning to renewable energy?
  8. Is the abandonment of fossil fuel in favor of renewable or clean energy good for the economy?
  9. What is the value of free weekends or working half day?
  10. Do lunch and tea breaks add any value to the economy?
  11. Have businesses been getting it wrong by basing the productivity of an employee on age?
  12. Is the biasness of news rooms likely to give a wrong impression of economies around the world?