24 Intriguing Dissertation Ideas About Human Rights

To begin with, what exactly is a “right” to something? How do we define what are rights and what are wants or desires? There is no easy way to answer these questions which makes this an excellent theme for composition of thought provoking essays.

When writing any essay, two important elements must be present, the author must enjoy the topic and the topic must be one that can be explored and discussed extensively. Satisfy these two requirements and you should be fine working on any topic you choose. The following is a list of intriguing dissertation ideas based on human rights:

  1. Why are human rights violations more frequent in some countries when compared to others in the same geographic locations?
  2. The French Revolution and it’s role in the formation of Human Rights
  3. No right too small: The hypocritical treatment of the Haitians by the French
  4. Cherry-picking Outrage: Media coverage on Humanitarian Crises by Location
  5. Preserving the innate right of a child to be a child
  6. Making plants illegal undermines human rights as well as those of the planet
  7. Free Speech in War Zones
  8. Should we be allowed to bear arms regardless of mental stability or intellect?
  9. Are Developed Nations often the perpetrators of Human ‘wrongs’?
  10. Should legally elected hate mongering leaders be deposed by foreign armies?
  11. Should armies be allowed to torture foreign terror suspects for information
  12. Why Westboro Baptist Church’s existence is a humanitarian concern
  13. Is there a natural age of consent for sexual intercourse?
  14. How corporations use size to intimidate and undermine human dignity overseas
  15. Instances of government approved forced sterilization through history
  16. Radical Change: Humane care for institutionalized Mentally Ill People
  17. Should people be allowed to express their hateful views in public forums?
  18. Should laws prevent people from engaging in victim-less taboo behaviors?
  19. Is anti prostitution legislation an infringement on personal choice?
  20. Should homeless people be afforded as easy access to sanctuary as endangered animals?
  21. Do we all have a right to be loved regardless of our past actions?
  22. Why is it important that children be named?
  23. Should all nations grant the planet as much legal protection as a human?
  24. How can any right be upheld in times of turmoil?

These topics span many different concepts so there is something here for everyone. You can even tweak them a bit to suit your knowledge more.